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礼拝、祈り会、 聖書を学ぶ会

Worship, Prayer Meeting, Bible Study

日曜日 Sunday


9:30am 日曜学校 Sunday School
10:30 am 朝の礼拝 Morning
6 pm 夕礼拝 Evening Worship   


水曜日 Wednesday
7 pm 祈り会 Prayer Meeting  


Friday and Thursday

10:30 am 聖書を学ぶ Bible Study

部会活動 Auxiliaries


Activities for Youth, Ladies, Men

お知らせ Announcement



(1)  To all attendees at the meetings in this Church, once you come inside the chapel, please, disinfect your fingers with sanitizer. If you feel sick, please, postpone your attendance until you feel well. Wearing a mask is voluntary.

(2) Friday Bible study meetings are held every week. There will be a Bible study session for beginners on Thursday. If you are interested in the meeting for beginners, please contact us by the day before.

(3) Our Listening to the Drama Bible circle is no longer available. Please contact us if you are interested in how to obtain the app.

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